Neabot Home App User Guide :


1. Download app


2. Create an account

3. Add device


Important tips

1. Make sure your wifi works well.
2. Try to put Neabot close to your router for a better connection.
3. Neabot only supports 2.4G wifi. Connecting to 5G wifi unfortunately will not work.
4. Make sure to input the correct password of your wifi.
5. Some Android phones might fail to connect. If so, try to turn off your cell data first, connect your phone to wifi, then run the process again.
6. At the step of connecting Neabot to its hotspot, appear as Neabot XXX, instead of switching wifi in that screen and then click next, click next first and then change wifi. It may help.
7. The right hotspot should be Neabot XXX. If you cannot find the right one, please restart the pairing process.
8. If wireless MAC address filtering is enabled for the router, remove your device from the router’s MAC address filtering list to ensure that it is allowed to connect to the network. You can also disable MAC address filtering.
9. If the above steps don’t work, please contact us via and tell us your phone model, OS version and router model. A recording video of the connecting process is highly appreciated.


4. Connect neabot

5. App introduction

6. Cleaning plan & Cleaning history

7. Maps setting

8. Cleaning setting

9. Support