Warranty Policy

WARRANTY OVERVIEW Neabot (‘We’, ‘Our’, ‘Us’) warrants that, subject to the exclusions and limitations set out below, this Product (including batteries if applicable) shall be in good working order during the period of one (1) year from the date of purchase (the ‘Warranty Period’). In the event that the Product fails to meet the warranty standard to our reasonable satisfaction, we will within a commercially reasonable time, free of charge, either repair or replace the Product as described below. Note: As far as applicable laws permit, the Warranty Period will not be extended or renewed or otherwise affected due to subsequent exchange, resale, repair or replacement of the Product.


Making a Claim under the Limited Warranty

If you wish to make a warranty claim, please contact us via support@neabot.com

Note: Please provide your order information in the mail.


What is Not Covered?

Unless agreed in writing, the Limited Warranty will not apply if the defect(s) relate to:

  • This Limited Warranty does not apply to accessories and other consumable items, such as filters, brushes, disposable dirt bags, cleaning pads or cleaning solutions.
  • normal wear and tear (including, without limitation, wear and tear of batteries if applicable),
  • defects caused by rough or inappropriate handling or use or damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect, fire, water, lightning or other acts of nature,
  • if the product contains a battery and the fact that the battery has been short-circuited, if the seals of the battery enclosure or the cells are broken or show evidence of tampering or if the battery has been used in equipment other than those for which it has been specified,
  • non-compliance with the Product instructions,
  • wilful or deliberate damage, neglect or negligence;
  • use of spare parts, an unauthorized cleaning solution if applicable, or other replacement items (including consumables) which are not provided or recommended by us;
  • any alteration or modification to the Product which has been carried out by you or a third party not authorised by us,
  • any failure to adequately package the Product for transportation,
  • extreme or external causes beyond our reasonable control including, but not limited to, breakdowns, fluctuations, or interruptions in electric power, ISP (internet service provider) service, or wireless networks,
  • weak and/or inconsistent wireless signal strength in your home,



To the extent permitted by applicable law, Neabot´s liability shall be limited to the purchase value of the Product. The above limitations shall not apply in case of gross negligence or intentional misconduct of Neabot or in case of death or personal injury resulting from Neabot´s proven negligence.